How to Make Fraisier Cake


Amazing friends don’t stick around if you’re constantly inviting them to share a pizza. Especially lady friends! Pizzas and hamburgers are good while you’re in your teens, but as you become an adult, people tend to take you seriously according to what food you surround yourself with. So, be wise and make this creative twist of a Fraisier. Don’t just copy a recipe. Use your head and taste to find other (better) versions of the traditional French cake. Use something like a chocolate biscuit base, mousse out of white chocolate, and a crunchy cocoa mirror glaze. Decorate with fresh half-cut strawberries on the side. Put a variety of berries on top of the glaze to lure everyone in for a bite. The pleura of tastes will simply excite your pleasure synapses. Everyone will want to come over from now on, in the hope this delicious white-black-and-red piece of dessert will greet them.

Frasier-Cake-recipe Ingredients and directions –> Fraisier Cake (


7 Responses to “How to Make Fraisier Cake”

  1. marie says:

    This is a ‘Fraisier’, not a Frasier!

  2. sonia says:

    Excellent, thank you

  3. Emily says:

    Hi i was wondering if anyone had the recipe for this cake the website that it was on in down, and i want to make it so badly

  4. julia cervera says:

    Hey I was trying to get the recipe for the cake as well but the link isnt working, could you send me the recipe by email or perhaps direct me to a link where I can find it?

  5. Elisa Cangialosi says:

    Can anyone please send me this recipe?? I tried this recipe two years ago but now the website isn’t available anymore.

  6. Doris says:

    The recipe is still missing. Maybe post should be removed?

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