Fresh Convertible Futon Chair Bed


Nesting is something that most of us experience when we know we’ll stay in a place for more than a couple of months. It has to do with the ability of humans to make the environment they inhabit suitable for their living desires. This is when the struggles begin. Most of the times, you don’t have the right place to easily work with. That means you have to work more for suiting it to your needs. Space, utility, creativity, they all come into play in these kind of situations. One answer is most likely the Fresh Futon Nido chair-bed. Made with zero-waste production ways, the colorful chair brings a fresh feel to your living or bedroom. The materials are from soft and durable poly cotton, high quality foam and batting. With a simple design and a price of about 220 $ (Amazon) it makes for an affordable addition to your interior design. It easily opens up into a nice semi-circle shaped Futton mattress 9 by 31 inches with 77 inches of depth of coziness. And it can be folded back into a 30 by 31 inches green chair, to offer much needed space and a lounging place.


List Price: $299.00
Price: $219.00



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