Fruit-Inspired Furniture: Mandarin Pouf


This next pouf is called “Mandarin” and was designed by Vyacheslav Chupakhin and Gennady Martynov for the iSaloni Worldwide 2013 from Moscow. The pouf has a spherical structure and it resembles a mandarin, as its name suggests, being comprised of 8 very flexible parts. These parts are held together by zippers and create a very playful and comfortable seating item. The strong colors make this piece even more special and it is ideal for your home, but also for a chill-out zone in an office. The awesomeness of the Mandarin pouf lies in its ability to transform itself from a simple pouf into an ottoman and even an armchair or sofa. Pure genius!

Product Information:
Assembled dimensions: 120 x 120 x 104 cm;
Weight: 15 kg

mandarin-pouf-01 mandarin-pouf-02 mandarin-pouf-03 mandarin-pouf-04 mandarin-pouf-05 mandarin-pouf-06 mandarin-pouf-07 mandarin-pouf-08 mandarin-pouf-09

Mandarin pouf is now available for purchase in Moscow, Russia.
For any inquiries: [email protected]

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