Futuristic Bookstore in China Inspired by the Celestial World

In the bustling marketplace of Jiangsu province, China, a visionary bookstore has emerged as a testament to contemporary design and celestial inspiration. Designed by Li Xiang of X+Living, the Huai’an Zhongshuge bookstore offers a futuristic and immersive experience that transcends traditional notions of book retail. The interior of the store is dominated by enormous three-dimensional structures resembling celestial rings, evoking the grandeur of astronomical instruments.

These intertwined rings serve as captivating centerpieces, filled with images of books seemingly defying gravity as they spiral toward the ceiling. X+Living’s design narrative eloquently captures the essence of human exploration of outer space, connecting the past with the present through the symbolic representation of armillary spheres and space rockets, all witnessed by the ever-present books.
Constructed from traditional wood materials, the monumental celestial structures stand in striking contrast to the expansive glass windows that provide glimpses of the vibrant cityscape outside.

Mirrored ceilings extend the visual environment, creating an immersive atmosphere that transports visitors through the cosmos. The bookstore’s innovative design not only caters to the literary needs of patrons but also transforms the act of book-browsing into a celestial journey. This immersive concept extends to the children’s area, where colorful bookshelves take the forms of rockets, astronauts, and planets, inviting young readers to embark on imaginative adventures. X+Living’s inclusive and imaginative design ensures that readers of all ages can escape into the boundless realms of literature within this futuristic celestial haven.


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