This Game-Changing Swappable Battery Portable Fridge Powers Up Your Adventures

BLUETTI’s latest innovation, the SwapSolar, emerges as a game-changing portable fridge designed to power up your outdoor adventures. Following the success of their AC500 on Indiegogo, which raised an impressive $12 million, BLUETTI continues to push boundaries with the world’s first LFP-powered MultiCooler portable refrigerator. The device utilizes the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station, ensuring uninterrupted usage even in off-grid environments. The LFP battery technology, known for its long lifespan and safety, powers the unit, providing 3-6 days of reliable power for camping trips. With a user-friendly design featuring hot-swappable B70 batteries, each with a substantial 1,433.6Wh capacity, BLUETTI offers a flexible power solution. The MultiCooler stands out with its 3-in-1 design, incorporating cooling, freezing, and ice-making features, making it an ideal companion for any outdoor activity. The device’s versatility, high efficiency, and portability redefine outdoor refrigeration, promising a seamless experience for adventurers.

BLUETTI’s MultiCooler sets itself apart not just as a refrigerator but as a comprehensive cooling solution for various needs. With a temperature range from -4°F to 68°F and a powerful compressor capable of rapid cooling, it accommodates everything from ice cream to fresh produce. The 42 qt (40L) capacity allows for diverse arrangements, making it suitable for gatherings or solo adventures. The real-world math adds depth to the device’s utility, considering different beverage sizes and shapes. The ergonomic design, weighing just 52.9 lbs (25kg) and featuring wheels and a telescopic handle, ensures ease of transportation. Additionally, the device operates quietly, boasting a sleek LCD touchscreen and Bluetooth capabilities for convenient control through the BLUETTI app. The SwapSolar system, priced at $799 during the sale, not only enhances outdoor experiences but also serves as a sustainable power source, promoting eco-friendly practices and environmental stewardship for families enjoying the tranquility of nature.


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