Garden Decoration Made From Recycled Wood


The correct use of water is an obligation of every society and awareness against waste is paramount. In an environment where there isn’t much material to go around, making a beautiful and at the same time eco-friendly garden is a tough challenge. Combine aesthetic importance with recycled wood to create a beautiful garden.
Look at this garden arrangement concept, which was included in the Exhibition of Landscape and Gardening Expoflora 2013. With a clever use of wood the designers managed to give a natural look to the garden and small gazebo, without overwhelming or boring the viewer. Pallets were ingeniously manufactured into a set of benches and outside table, as well as support for flower pots on the side wall. Plywood and thin logs were used to manufacture a simple yet pleasant looking gazebo. A touch of personality is added by medium wooden grocery crates repurposed into flower pots. What a wonderful garden!



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