Generate cheap, green electricity from sunlight with solar roof tiles


Alternative energy has become a lot cheaper than it used to be when the public was presented to it. But still, nowadays solar panels are hardly the aesthetically pleasing objects we want them to be. When you think of photovoltaic systems automatically your mind goes to those large panels, which are so awkwardly installed on rooftops. Although the environmental impact of those are practically zero, their architectural impact is not similar! That’s why you should definitely consider the innovative photovoltaic tiles, like these featured here. They are made from natural clay or slate slabs and have small solar panels applied to the flat side facing the sun. They are easy to install and have a high enough energy yield. There are also transparent solar shingles, which have an even less aesthetic impact. They are weather resistant and have similar characteristics to traditional tiles, with the only difference being the material: Plexiglas or PMMA, that allow a 90% passage of natural light. Check them out!



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  1. AllanCornish says:

    solar roof ties and panels

  2. Custumbill says:

    If your going to write about a new or even an existing product, don’t you think it would be a good idea to put a link to the item thats for sale? Or is it you need to be paid by the company that makes it. if that;s the case don’t bother because these days I look for links before I take the time to read.. if I see a link then I read.. FYI many, many of us do that…

  3. Robert Constant says:

    Where is it codified that solar panels are not aesthetically pleasing objects? Most parts of a home serve a purpose, and those parts were designed with that purpose in mind. After living with these items for years, decades, or longer, they become familiar to us and we start to imbue them with an aesthetic norm.

    Chimneys, shutters, exposed joist ends and door knockers are only a few examples of functional items that originally served no aesthetic purpose but now do. (In fact, sometimes we now add non-functioning examples of these items where they are no longer needed.)

    Did early Spanish builders cover the roofs with ceramic tiles because tiles are inherently attractive? No. They did so because tiles provided the best moisture protection that the technology of the day and materials of the region allowed. Where wood was abundant, wood roof shingles were the norm. Now we have concrete shingles made to look like wood.

    The technology of today allows us to use our roofs to harvest sunlight and generate clean affordable electricity. The solar roof tile “solutions” that have been floating around for decades have never been widely adopted because they are inherently non-durable. We can put 20 PV (solar) panels on your roof, in an eye-pleasing symmetric array, and that array will require 20 interconnections. Using PV “tiles” for the same power would require hundreds on interconnections, creating hundreds of points of resistance and hundreds of points of potential failure.

    • Chuck says:

      Solar panels should be put on parking lot covers, oriented to the South as required for best performance, if the Public is being Taxed to pay for them. The crappy looking installs on nice homes with tile roofs, that face in every haphazard direction is Stupid, and Ugly. There is No way Id have someone walking on my tile roof, much less drilling hole in it…MORE Stupid.

  4. krste says:

    what is a prize for single on ?

  5. Sylvie-Charlotte says:

    I’m in France, where can I find those solar roof tiles..?
    Many Thxs

  6. Jeremie says:

    Lol I love how the article says check them out give us a price and a website to them

  7. Ted says:

    Where can we buy them, and how much are they?

  8. raja tariq says:

    Greeting wishes for management. Plz send details
    About roof tiles
    Regards raja tariq

  9. Humphrey says:

    Wow that’s what we need

  10. koothanainar says:

    Seems to be an useful innovative product, to be examined in detail . Better if could be demonstrated in important locations

  11. Myles Hopper says:

    Where can I buy the range of Solar Roof Tiles. Please send me details.
    Many thanks

  12. Dianne says:

    love the solar tiles – I live in Queensland Australia!!

  13. Guylain Panzu says:

    Good Day,
    We have started a Solar PV business in SA and would like to become the exclusive distributors of these innovative roof tiles PV.

    I cant wait to be in touch.

    Best Regards,

    Guylain Panzu

  14. Richard rizk says:

    Please send me more information regarding price and guarantee

  15. Fady chlela says:

    I need details about price and guarantee please

  16. Hassan Ksaybati says:

    Its great and wish to know more about

  17. Ahsan Qureshi says:

    Yes excellent idea but for the rich only. Average people can’t afford that kind of roof plus most hot countries have different kind of roof.

  18. Haree says:

    Where to buy this from

  19. Fadi Rahi says:

    I need more information

  20. Rich Johnson says:

    I am a owner of a specialty roofing company in Alberta Canada. I would like more info and pricing on these please, where are you located as well.

  21. anantha says:

    Piz send

  22. M.P.SOMIAH says:

    Please send me the store address in Bangalore

  23. Vijayalaxmi says:

    Can i know the potency of electric generation of each, how many to install for 1 home, price, wer v get

  24. says:

    I need pricing and installation details area is 2000 ft

    Ankur Mehta

  25. Bm gurubasappa says:

    Plz mail me the price and it’s availability at bng

  26. Cristal Clear says:

    Wil graag wat meer informatie over de zonnecollectoren in n dakpan.
    Met vriendelijke groet,
    Cristal Clear

  27. Manjunath says:

    Please send me the details and pricing information about this product and send me to my email address. Is this product is currently available in india, if yes let me know the details for that. Please note send me a e brochure for this .

    Thank you

  28. Bhargav says:

    Need more details on these products.. like company and place where it are available .

  29. vijayprakash N says:

    Dear sir send me details and any distributorship from Tamilnadu

  30. Rajesh Mahajan says:

    Please send me price quotes and technical specs of the roof shingles. I am looking for a quantity suitable for 1000 Sq. Ft. of solar roofing.

  31. Gopalkrishna says:

    I need solar plse give details

  32. Hari says:

    Need more info on the same .

  33. Yashas says:

    i want the tiles for my homes

  34. krishnamurthy R says:

    send me more deatails and availabity in india

  35. Sai Prasad says:

    Pl send the details to us

  36. Mahmoud says:

    I need details about price and guarantee please

  37. Pat Latham says:

    What a much better and aesthetic method of nstalling Solar Panels.

  38. Ajit Sawant says:

    Please send us details and costing like price per unit or per square feet

  39. Judy says:

    More info please

  40. kimche says:

    Good idea.
    How to buy ?

  41. kimche says:

    Where are you sale ?

  42. Debbie says:

    More info please

  43. Goran says:

    More specifications, price, and where to buy?

  44. Ram says:

    I need technical details & quotation..

  45. Sunil Bhovad says:

    Please give technocommercial details of these roof tiles

  46. suma says:

    please provide contact detail of your Delhi dealer as I am willing to install, if it is cost effective

  47. jitendra says:

    It’s good but you didn’t post abut guarantee, life .,how hard the metarial . can it bear heavy rainfall. Please give me all information . I am interested to work about 1600 sq. Meter work of my netive place house in kokan.

  48. rohit sehgal says:

    Please send me price quotes and technical specs of the roof shingles for bulk buying in India

  49. Johanna says:

    any info available? Seems many folks want to know -Please forward thank you

  50. viraf s mehta says:

    Please send me the details and pricing information about this product and send me to my email address. Is this product is currently available in india, if yes let me know the details for that. Please note send me a e brochure for this product.
    Best Regards

  51. Jacques Brummer says:

    I would love to become a dealer for you in South Africa?

  52. Zenia says:

    plse provide info re distributer/supplier in Cape Town Thank-you

  53. Jacob says:

    I scanned for a purchase link. There wasn’t one, so I have to assume the company doesn’t actually want sales.

  54. Laxmi Narayana says:

    Please let me know the details of solar roof tiles.
    My what’s app phone number+ 91 98490 57228

  55. SC Roofer says:

    This is brilliant! Sure wish homeowners insurance would help cover the cost or get some sort of tax credit for installing this type of roof.

  56. Thomas says:

    Please send more info and prices
    Do you selleri to any one in Denmark or do you ned af distributor in Denmark

  57. Il hwan kim says:

    that’s great!!

  58. marcel says:

    Where can I find a website with these products? Do you have a brochure? Shipping available to Ecuador?

  59. Alessandro says:

    GREAT! Totally, deeply agreed.
    That being said, if you are not providing any minimum idea of costs applied to real situations, don’t waste your and our time in beautiful pictures of whatever you are selling

  60. Ken says:

    Great article. Where can I obtain info on these PV roof tiles, who manufactures them? I live in sunny Florida where we get direct sunshine a good 12 hours a day. Assuming A/C 12 hours a day, electric range & hot water heater. What would be a good guess on the amount of panels necessary and the square footage necessary to achieve that. I’m trying to determine the payback period.

    Does the product mfg provide schematics, drawings and hook up instructions? What would be a cost estimate per square foot?

    Would you recommend two (2) contractors in the Sarasota County, Florida area?

    Reply to:

    smart phone 571.382.0868 voice, text, face-time, & Zoom

    Thank you for your interest and prompt reply.

    Best Regards,


  61. Jose Alberto Pinheiro says:

    Which manufacturer is available? Thanks

  62. Sreerag says:

    Can I know details for a dealership for solar tiles in india

  63. Bipin says:

    Need technical details along with reference installation…

    Contact on +91 98676 86389 India

  64. Mangaldas Gupta says:

    Please send more details

  65. Anandh Sundaram says:


    Looks amazing and timely need of renewable energy

  66. Sagar Thakur says:

    Please send me details (technical & commercial)

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