Girl Hatches a Quail From a Supermarket Egg And Now Has a Devoted Pet

Zara Sutcliffe, a 13-year-old girl from England, embarked on an extraordinary journey when she decided to hatch a quail from a supermarket egg. Fueled by the desire to undertake a unique project she had read about online, Zara convinced her mother, Mrs. Sutcliffe, to purchase a box of Clarence Court quail eggs. Despite her husband’s reservations about adding more animals to the family, Mrs. Sutcliffe gave in and Zara chose quail eggs over chicken eggs due to their smaller size.

After three weeks of dedicated care and anticipation, Zara successfully hatched a quail named Pebbles in her suburban home outside of Manchester. Overcoming the initial excitement and fear of potential mishaps, Zara nurtured Pebbles in her bedroom, providing him with a warm and secure environment. Pebbles became more than just a pet; he became Zara’s “best friend,” exhibiting affectionate behaviors when she approached his cage.

The story took another turn when the family, already owners of a dog, three cats, and two red-footed tortoises, decided to expand their pet clan by purchasing a “harem” of six female quails for Pebbles. The hope was that Pebbles could now live among his kind and perhaps even start a family of his own. While Mrs. Sutcliffe faced initial resistance from her husband regarding the addition of more animals, she became a supporter of the idea, emphasizing the sweet nature of the quails and their ability to sit on one’s knee. The story concludes with Pebbles thriving in the company of his six female companions, occasionally invited into the house for visits, symbolizing a unique and heartwarming addition to the Sutcliffe family.


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