Gorgeous Forest Edge Cabin


Log cabins have a unique feel that brings the natural much closer to the domestic. Maybe it’s because these homes are located in mountainous or forested places or maybe because natural material are used in the structure. The wood is left as natural as possible and in its rounded beautiful form. The cabin you see here has blended wood with stone exterior, creating a stunning residence in the middle of nature. The plenty use of glass links the surrounding area to the inside, making residents fell more connected to the wild whilst they’re securely and comfortably inside. Lights are cleverly positioned, indoors and on the porches, in order to extent even more the habitable space. Check out the website of Skywalker Construction to see building plans and more photos of their works.







    • Erika V on said:

      I was wondering the same thing. I went to the Skywalker Construction website mentioned in the article (skywalkerconstruction.com/), but there are no plans or photos of this house there – the builder appears to be strictly custom. I guess one would need to contact and talk to them directly to get a quote.

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