Gorgeous Mosaic Staircase


We would like to show you a great idea of mosaic stair, which will definitely add some color to your home. The designers tried to create the image of a forest, with trees, butterflies and birds, and we think they did a terrific job. These are some stairs that will surely captivate your children as they are playful and have lots of bright colors. They are made out of stained glass, old and broken plates and some pieces of different kinds of jewelry. The stair risers can be removed as they have been made out of plexiglass which then was fixed on the stair with two screws. So if you get tired of them or you change the other decorations in your home, you cam simply replace the stair risers too.
If you would like to make yourself your own mosaic stair risers, then we advice you to carefully measure each stair before you get started. The next advice would be to drill the holes in the plexiglass before you start decorating it. Now you can start making your own mosaic stairs, they will surely make your home much prettier. How does it look ?







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