Goth Chicken Is Completely Black from Its Feathers to Its Bones

A goth chicken is not something you’d expect to see in a coop, right as it sounds more like the name of famous artwork. The Ayam Cemani is one of the most unique-looking chickens of the world, as it is a fully black chicken, from head to toes.
The Ayam Cemani has its origins in Indonesia, and what is truly interesting about them is that even its internal organs have a dark color. The blackness of this chicken is due to genetics, as a mutation occurs that produces ten times more melanin than one would find in a normal chicken. This mutation confers the Ayam Cemani’s feathers an iridescent color and those amazing purple shades.
Because of its mystical appearance, centuries ago this chicken was considered a part of sacred rituals in Indonesia and was highly respected by the community. This means that the locals never ate them.
Since the import of chicken in the USA from Indonesia in banned, Greenfire Farms in Northern Florida had a hard time bringing it to the country.
They had obtained a permit to bring the Ayam Cemani to New York, to be featured in a magazine’s holiday edition, thus making it part of an artistic photoshoot.

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