Handcrafted Coin Rings

If you want a special handmade (engagement) you are in the right place. The Ring Tree is a bussiness developed by Nicholas who create coin rings without ruining the coin’s details. Take a look below to see how we make our rings:  

How to make a coin ring.

by The Ring Tree

“Seeing people admire this ring sparked my interest. I decided to try to make a coin ring without ruining the coin’s details. ” says Nicholas …He discovered his skill when he was looking for the perfect ring to propose to his girlfriend with.

This coin ring will look great on you, or make a perfect gift for that special someone! Find these coin rings HERE…

6 Responses to “Handcrafted Coin Rings”

  1. Mohan Sharma says:


  2. Tara says:

    I thought it as illegal to deface currency?

  3. Pookie says:

    Isn’t this illegal?

  4. m kasper says:

    my husband used a coin and a teaspoon to beat on the edge of the coin your way is probably faster but he didn’t use a hammer or power tools He had a lot of time when he was on duty and didn’t have a fire run helped pass the long hours at the fire station

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