Handmade Glass Mosaic Panel


If you’re considering going into the business side of the handmade world, then you should definitely check out this impressive piece of decoration. Also, making use of recycled glass in such a way is inspiring for all environmentalists out there. The glass mosaic panel is assembled with much care and the individual shards are carefully painted so as to make a new beautiful painting with a specific personal touch. Each piece of the final decoration was handmade and it’s one piece of art that will definitely improve your decor for the better. With the market placing such value on this kind of work, going into the handmade would seem like a smart move. The size of the mosaic is 30×36 cm or 12×14 inches and it takes about a week to make one from scratch. The poppies motive presented here can be replaced with anything else, as long as it is done with style. Make sure you see all of the models done and find the one that you like and will complement your decor.

source: Etsy

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  1. Brittney says:

    This handmade glass mosaic is so beautiful. Glass is unique and is a great way to add flavor in any space. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous piece of artwork.

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