Harbor Tiny Cottage Houseboat

Harbor Cottage Houseboats specializes in building large floating homes, but occasionally, they also do some smaller projects such as this tiny home.
It is a beautiful floating home, perfect to be used as a vacation house in the summer. The house has an amazing outdoor and indoor space, elegantly decorated with modern textures.
The deck is equipped with a hot tub from where you can enjoy the views, but also relax on a colder day.
Indoors, you are going to find a living and 2 sleeping areas, a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom so the space is perfect for a couple.
The entire space has 400 square-feet and the boathouse is 16′ wide and 52′ long. It also has an amazing roof deck, for sunbathing or reading and a porch accessible through a spiral staircase.
Take a look at the pictures and the video presentation to see all the elegant details.

Energy Efficient

All boats come fully insulated in walls, ceiling and floor with high quality windows and an efficient central heat pump to match.

Harbor Cottage Houseboats are manufactured near beautiful, scenic Lake Cumberland in south-central Kentucky.

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  1. Christine Smith says:

    Could you send pricing

  2. Shelly legault says:

    Is this for sale & What is the price ? Im in love !!

  3. CC Gallagher says:

    I want one!

  4. Carl Kirchner says:

    Info please

  5. Tina says:

    Prices please

  6. Ken says:

    I love it !! I would like more info on it

  7. David Shaw says:

    Please send information and price list

  8. Paula J Phelps says:

    Would love a brochure

  9. Douglas says:

    Hi l love theses tiny houseboats !
    I just retired last year and would love to get pricing on them please ?


    Douglas K. Bryn

  10. Chris McDermott says:

    I would like more information. Models, floor plan, price

  11. Brenda L Richter says:

    The prize range please very interested

  12. Brenda Clark says:

    Please provide a catalog with prices.

  13. Virginia A. Buckbee says:

    Beautiful. Looks like it has everything you would need.

  14. Daniel h says:


  15. Brigette Taylor says:

    How much

  16. Monica Eddins says:

    Would you please send me this information along with pictures and layout options. Would greatly appreciate it!!

  17. Randle Brock says:

    Love it is it for sale

  18. phil tarves says:

    interested in price range.

  19. Betty Reid says:

    This is beautiful. I’d love to have one!

  20. Joseph Long says:

    would like more info on the tiny houseboats…prices and different layouts.

  21. Jason says:

    Looks awesome

  22. Janet says:

    Please give me more information on these houseboats.

  23. Linda says:

    I was wanting to know how much it cost to build that beautiful houseboat,. I want one

  24. Tony Starr says:

    Can these be build for Salt water?

  25. Stewart says:

    nice cottage boats

  26. Steve Gibson says:

    Interested in speaking with someone about possibly purchasing a tiny house. Thanks 256-749-7149

  27. CARL says:

    How much payments

  28. Dawn Letson says:

    I would like to receive emails about house boats like this one. Thank You.

  29. Randy Madsen says:

    Looks like a possible business venture in the finger lakes region of NY.
    Email me on bridge height and cost structure.

  30. Karen Tatum says:

    How much is the Harbor Cottage shown in video

  31. Simone ginns says:

    Hi I live in the south coast of Australia. Batemans Bay. How much to buy one of these little beauties, however we need a 1 bedroom for me and hubby and three more double bed rooms for our kids and partners just in case they wish to come and visit. Well done and thank you. Xx

  32. Deborah A Kilgore says:

    Would like more information please. Cost, finance, what lake to put on, etc. Thanks!

  33. Rick Bellizzi says:

    Please call me in regards to your house boat. Where are you manufactured so that I can come to your place and look at them? I am in Key West Florida looking at several of them.

  34. Cece says:

    How much space is inside?? What are the costs for something let’s say just like it lol..

  35. Bridgette says:

    Please contact me . I want one built & no place to have it done here in central Fl . My #is 352-221-1021

  36. Dawn says:

    Possibly interested

  37. Malisa Hernandez says:

    How much do these run

  38. Carrie Adams says:

    Beautiful!! Wish I could afford it!

  39. Gary Parker says:

    Inquiring about pricing

  40. Betty steele says:

    How much and where do do you get it?

  41. Jason kirk says:


  42. Jacob says:

    I’d like to inquire about your price points please.

  43. Joyce Adolff says:

    Would love to have this!!

  44. Monica says:

    I am very interested. Can you give me a price

  45. Tracie Farrar says:

    We are nearing retirement here in Georgia and have a 21 ft Skeeter bass boat. The lake is our life. Our home will soon be paid for and we are fortunate to be at this point at our lives at a very young 48 years old! My Mom will be living with us and this is PERFECT! We’d love to receive some pricing on your incredible vessel! Look forward to hearing from you soon!

  46. WilliamCollmar says:


  47. Lisa hicks says:

    How much does this cost

  48. Ross Demay says:

    How can I get info ?

  49. Linda Farris says:

    Can these be transported to Florida?

  50. Charlette Benet says:

    Would like the price on The Tiny houseboat.

  51. Hugh Aycock says:

    Send info

  52. Rachel Lee Morgan says:

    What Dates are Available to Rent?

  53. T says:

    Designs and cost ?

  54. Steven Shackelford says:

    I live on the gulf of Mexico, how are these boats on open water? Love the boat , I want to know more.
    Thank you

  55. Donna Greiser says:

    I’m wondering what the cost is of the one on line? And are they transportable to New Mexico?

  56. Susan says:

    Love it, love it would live it for my retirement home in Virginia

  57. Mary says:

    How much!

  58. Alissa Stefanacci says:

    I would love to get an idea on cost

  59. Michael says:

    Can you send me some prices please?

  60. Richard Frisbie says:

    Love this – great job!

  61. Kevin Reid says:

    How many hundreds of thousands of dollars for one of these floating homes.cause I would love to have one.

  62. Trish says:

    I love this ! Can I change some of the features? On average how much do they cost?

  63. Debbie Johnsin says:

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  64. Jeannine says:

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  65. Patricia says:

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  66. Jeffrey Aldrich says:

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  67. Carla Galois says:

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  68. Cyndi Taylor says:

    Very interested in this. Would like info on price and deliver to Lske Lanier, Ga

  69. Carol Borders says:

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  70. Kristy reis says:

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  71. Mary Ellen LaDue says:

    I need one of these

  72. Mary says:

    How much does one of these homes cost

  73. Sherry Crawford says:

    Is there pricing?

  74. Mo and Debbie Haled says:

    I manage a marina, and I live on my houseboat all summer. I have been thinking about upgrading and this looks perfect. Could you send pricing please.

  75. Diana Seay says:

    I’d like to know more about these houseboats. Please send me information and prices. Thanks!

  76. Hendrick Pronk says:

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  77. Charles Scott Harris says:

    What is your pricing and different models

  78. Mark Divell says:

    Beautiful. Send me information

  79. Gary says:

    Pricing please

  80. zairia soyemi says:

    I was wondering the price on this

  81. Deoraj Mahabirsingh says:

    Interested in buying one immediately

  82. Ginger Sharpe says:

    Please send me pricing information on this Harbor Tiny house and can they be made as a stationary house for land and not floating

  83. Tim P says:

    Well I will give it a wild guess to everyone question about pricing. My guess is 38,000-84,000; depends on accessories obviously. Not by anytime is this a quote or any affiliated person. I hope they right person seen my guess and correct me if any way in correct. Have a wonderful day everyone.

  84. Marylou Mcgrath says:

    Pricing please

  85. Nancy Nixon says:

    Price info and do you have dealers in Alabama

  86. Kim W says:

    Can you please send me pricing details and layout options.

  87. David says:

    My estimate is $110k to $140k. Hope that my guess is much to high.

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