Hardwood Garden Bench with Storage Drawers


Have you thought about decorating your garden with a beautiful Hardwood 2 Seat Bench? The search for a perfect piece like that can come to an end. The style of the bench featured in the photos is simple and can easily fit with the rest of the garden design. Not only is it quite and the décor will definitely benefit from it, it proves a great addition to the storage capacity of your residence. Made from Vietnamese hardwood, the bench has a simple and highly useful storage space under the seat. The 3 drawers are quite big, being able to hold boots, cushions or small tools. Be aware though, the compartments aren’t waterproof so if you do decide to place the bench outside, do it under a roof or any place that avoids direct rainfall. You can buy this lovely piece of outdoor furniture from Amazon.





Hardwood 2 Seat Garden Bench with Storage Drawers

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