Heated Portable Chair, Perfect for Camping, Sports, Beach, and Picnics.

We developed The Hot Seat line of products to keep people who need to be outside Warm. Not everyone likes to sit at a soccer match, or watch a baseball game, or go camping at the beach. But if you are Warm, it’s a bit easier to do. Our chairs use low voltage heating elements to warm the bottom of the seat to 110 Degrees, enough to warm any buns. If you want to you can use the integrated control button to lower the temperature to create custom comfort. You use your own portable battery, so you can also charge your phone while powering the heater. Our seats are warm, comfortable, and easy to use. Try a HOT SEAT today.

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Get one HERE 

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2 Responses to “Heated Portable Chair, Perfect for Camping, Sports, Beach, and Picnics.”

  1. Brian Billie says:

    Would like to learn more about your heated chairs

  2. Kirk Courtoreille says:

    Should make the back heated too

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