Here’s a Summer Dream Job: Get Paid $100K to Swim in Pools in All 50 States in the U.S.

Swimply, often dubbed the ‘Airbnb of Pools,‘ is offering a unique summer dream job that promises a blend of travel, content creation, and aquatics. The company, which facilitates rentals of private pools, hot tubs, saunas, and more, is searching for a ‘Chief Pools Officer.‘ This lucky individual will traverse all 50 states, diving into various pools and creating engaging video reviews for each location. With a potential earning of up to $100,000, this position not only pays well but also offers the chance to explore and review a diverse array of swimming spots across America. To apply, candidates must be over 18, book a pool through Swimply, and submit a video review by June 15th, tagging the company on social media using @swimply and #SwimplyDreamJob.

Swimply emphasizes the importance of their Chief Pools Officer as a key influencer and expert in identifying the best private pools in the country. As part of their job, the chosen content creator will be responsible for showcasing the variety and appeal of Swimply’s offerings through engaging social media content. The role comes with a base salary of $50,000, with the potential to double that amount through performance bonuses tied to content engagement and feedback. Each applicant will also undergo a follow-up interview with Swimply’s CEO, Derek Callow, and a unique “swimming screen test” to ensure they are the perfect fit for this aquatic adventure. This dream job not only promises financial rewards but also the opportunity to become the face of Swimply’s community-driven pool rental marketplace.

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