Hidden Litter Box


Having a pet is one of the nicest things ever as it can bring joy and happiness to your home. But sometimes you also have to think about some of the unpleasant parts when having a pet, such as a cat’s litter box. This is an object that needs to be cleaned constantly and many cat owners try to find a place where they can hide the box. That’s why the people from Good Pet Stuff thought about a great solution when it comes to litter boxes. As you can see, at a first look, this next item look like a flower pot, but when taking a much closer look you will see that it is actually a litter box for cats. Its outside looks like a terracotta pot, so you can place it almost anywhere you want it and it won’t be odd. Because of its look you can easily incorporate it into the design of any room and it will look as it belongs there. You can also place it between other plants and no one will ever notice that it is actually a litter box.  You won’t be needing a lot of space for this one as its dimensions are: 19 x 19 x 14 inches. The litter box needs to be assembled as it comes in two separate pieces, but don’t worry about this as it is very easy and will be ready in just a few minutes. This item is made out of very resistant polypropylene and has a built in filter for odor and dust control. Your cat will surely be very pleased by his/her new litter box as it can also offer them privacy, which is something that all cats enjoy. Find all details and price.. in the link below…

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Litter Box

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