Hidden Storage Solutions For The Kitchen

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Everyone knows that a perfect kitchen is a tidy kitchen. There are lots of tools and materials needed and used throughout the year in a kitchen; if you want to have the best meals and home events, of course. If you are searching for a redesign or just an improvement of your old design, the Classic White project from The Hammed and Nail will provide for a perfect inspiration. Designer Bart Lindsky has joined efforts with Rutt Handcrafted Cabinetry to come up with a simple classic transitional styling cabinet ensemble for your kitchen. The actual impressive effect doesn’t just lay in the clean aspect, but also in the utility of all the systems installed.

SR Photo, LLC

The designers integrated a pull-out storage system into the columns, adding to the space saving capacity of the whole piece of furniture. They used White Paint, Espresso Stained Rift, and Georgian White Paint, on this project in order to make it look great and brand new. The countertops were fitted with 2-inch thick honed Danby white marble. On the mantel sides you can find full matching marble backsplash as well as X Mullion Doors with True Divided Lites. On the sink side, we can find beveled glass Transom doors and Calcatta Gold/Gray Limestone mosaic backsplash, making this piece of furniture one of the best in kitchen design. Be sure to check it out before you go on with your own design projects.

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  1. norma ramirez says:

    I wish I could have something like that, for I have a autistic daughter who likes to move everything around that would be perfect nothing would be out

  2. Shirley Wyndham says:

    Very clever idea! I just moved to a new place and this is a great solution for organizing the storage space in the kitchen. I’m showing it to my boyfriend for some advice and I’m sure I’ll have it in about a month. Thank you for sharing! Greets, Shirley from storageenfield.org.uk/ 🙂

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