Hight-Tech Saidoka: The Ultimate iPhone-Charging


Nobody likes to brag about their lack of time. Being busy is just a think you have to confront with, especially if you’d like to be successful. Charging your phone doesn’t have to be a difficult task that consumes energy, which you definitely need to invest in your activities. The people from Bluelounge have come up with a solution to this: a cool and stylish iPhone-charging dock. With a simple plug-in cable via USB, your phone is always close to you while you work at the computer. The important difference between the Saidoka docking device and the ordinary charging dock is the slight inclination of your iPhone while plugged in. This feature allows you to never miss a call or a message, text easier and even talk freely while docked. Also, the design includes tiny adhesive-less suction cups at the bottom, which smoothly grip the surface and don’t leave a mark behind, allowing you to undock with ease at any time. Available in black or white, the slick charging dock not only gives you the necessary style at work but also the freedom you need to work, even in those useless times like charging your phone.






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