Hobbit-Style Eco-Friendly House Built From Scratch


If money wasn’t already a heavy burden, building a home nowadays also entails a lot of bureaucracy to deal with. With the concept of reducing costs wherever it is possible, the almost fairytale-like home you can see in the photos is a beautiful example of what you can achieve with a little bit of imagination and architectural courage. Not many people will hurry up and help you build a cob house. But a retired art teacher from Oxfordshire, Michael Buck, managed to build a hobbit house with $220 and no harm to the environment. The materials used are all local and no papers or documents were necessary for raising the structure because it is considered a summer house. You might say all of these came at a price in terms of comfort: the hobbit house has no running water or electricity and the heating is provided by a woodstove. Watch the video to find out how this environmentally-friendly home was raised. It is really inspiring!






10 Responses to “Hobbit-Style Eco-Friendly House Built From Scratch”

  1. amy says:

    Love cob houses!

  2. Krys says:

    Awesome ,would like to do this on my property, don’t have much cash ,live on little.

  3. Pamela says:

    I’d love one.but I can’t build it alone.any blue prints avalable

  4. Brenda meredith says:

    I really love this house ,would you be able to help with the plans or tell me where I could get some information on it ,I own a wood and we are trying to get the children that have been excluded from school,out side doing things that does not sitting in a classroom these houses would be brilliant thank you x

  5. Edith Roper says:

    Just beautiful and comfortable and magical. Truly cozy I assume they can be built for tall people dig down maybe a bit then arch the ceilings in a squareround semi dome style? Sounds like home if it could work structurally and visually.

  6. Amber says:

    Super mad the video isnt available any more…

  7. AAAAA says:


  8. Shelia says:

    I would love some more info on building these. We have so many homeless people in our cities that I’m sure would love one of these places to call home. Rather then sleeping on the streets. And the cost would make it possible to help many. Thank you so much for sharing.

  9. Cheryl Slick Louws says:

    I love the Little Hobbit Im a little person I would live in it ..

  10. Moana Swafford says:

    Beautiful little Hobbit house would love to own something like this but bigger

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