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The design of every floor should be carefully planned. If you thought of having a mosaic tile floor or a simpler generic pattern one, you will have to take a day or two to make the right choice to fit both your personality and lifestyle. Logs or rock pebbles could also be suited for fashioning your own comfortable floor. Find a unique image that you want to see beneath your feet every day and choose intricate pieces of wooden floor to implement the project with. Have fun with puzzle shapes, 3d illusions or a plain world map. Whatever direction you take, just remember that improving the interior design of your home must have a considerable stop in the flooring department. Browse through the images to find inspiration or just to see how far people’s imagination and creativity have went. And then get to work yourself! Here’s over 30 models of flooring that can inspire you. Enjoy!

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Kitchen floor from a 1900 Farmhouse


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  2. Tom Zychowski says:

    Great floor ideas.

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