Homemade Bacon Pineapple Mozzarella “Doughnut” Recipe


Bacon is delicious but can also be quite unhealthy as it has a lot of grease. But combining this ingredient with a healthy one, such as pineapples can reduce the guilt we feel when consuming bacon. Pineapples are very healthy, as they are filled with vitamins and minerals and they also strengthen you immune system. Besides this the strange mix of these two ingredients has a brilliant outcome. So what you need for this recipe is bacon, mozzarella stick, onions and one pineapple. You will take the slices of pineapple and wrap them with the mozzarella cheese, then with the bacon. The onion is optional as you can add onion rings to the pineapple before wrapping it, in this case make sure to choose sweet onions. The result is a large donut that you can place on the grill and some barbecue spices and cook it slowly until it becomes golden. You can serve it with sauce, vegetables or plain. Serve it your guests at a barbecue party, it will be a huge success and everyone will be asking you for the recipe.


  • 16-24 slices of bacon
  • 1 can of sliced pineapple rings (we need 8 rings)
  • 8 mozzarella string cheese sticks
  • 2-3 large sweet yellow onion, cut into ⅓ inch rings


SlapYoDaddyBBQ: Bacon Wrapped Pineapple Mozzarella Ring Doughnuts (Instructions)

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