Homemade Bread Cups For Soup


The idea behind it is very simple: prepare a tasty soup and serve it inside a large piece of bread. But the secret, as there is always one, lies in the bread. How to prepare that bread, in order to avoid it getting soaked and moist? Well, you can make these great homemade bread cups and serve the soup in them. Just follow the instructions below, combine the ingredients and bake the bread as crunchy as you want. To make the bread-plate, just cut off the top of the bread and remove the inside. After eating all the soup you can also eat the bread that will have a nice and subtle soup flavor. How cool is this?


more details in the link below…

 Homemade Bread Cups For Soup – Sugar Dish Me

2 Responses to “Homemade Bread Cups For Soup”

  1. patricia dunn says:

    Very nice gona try this

  2. Carlyn says:

    Looks delicious.

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