Homemade Dog Feeder


Caring for your pet shouldn’t be a difficult job, but one that involves responsibility … and creativity! With today’s project, you will be able to turn two regular plastic bottles into a cool and cheap Homemade Dog Feeder. Forget about that fancy, bejeweled tray you can buy from the pet store. Try to make an easy to use and disposable device for feeding your little friend. Grab these materials:

• dog food;
• a pair of scissors;
• 2 PET bottles;

First, punch a hole with the scissors in one of the bottles. The space should be a little wider than the top of the other bottle. Then, cut out a shape like the one in the picture. Next, cut the other bottle in half widthwise. Fill the lower part with dog food and then close the pieces together in each other. Unscrew the lid and place it in the orifice. Your pet will never get bored when eating its yummy snack.

Easy to reuse PET bottles Feeders for kittens and dogs … just cut the bottles and fit them…


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  1. Christa says:

    What different plastic bottles could you use to do this?? I’d love to do it for my dogs and cats??

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