Homemade Hawaiian Bread Rolls Recipe


Hawaiian bread rolls have no equal! They are soft, sweet and tender inside and can be the perfect companion for a good breakfast. Since there is no longer hot outside, you can start baking something good whenever you feel it without getting all sweaty in the kitchen. So if you would like to have fresh Hawaiian bread rolls at home, you should try this next recipe. The ingredients needed are: pineapple juice, warm milk, unsalted butter, eggs, granulated sugar, salt, yeast and good quality bread flour. You can make several portions, refrigerate them and only bake one at a time. This will guarantee you and your family a constant amount of fresh Hawaiian bread rolls. For the exact amount of ingredients and the instructions for this recipe, visit the following link.

more details on Handle The Heat

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  1. Ginger says:

    How many eggs and yeast for hawaiin rolls

  2. Anjan says:

    Click on the words “Handle the Heat” right below the video for full instructions and amounts.

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