Homemade Honey-Based Ketchup


When going out and want to catch a bite, in the burger joint, the pizza place, or a regular fast food restaurant, it might have crossed your mind: how come they manage to make that ketchup so delicious? Now you can achieve the same tasty result on your own. The special ingredient is honey! Yes, that’s right, mixing honey with tomatoes paste, vinegar, salt, water, garlic and onion powder will result in a ketchup like the one you lick your fingers after eating a pizza or some chicken wings. Just combine them according to the instructions, over the cooker for 20 minutes and store it in a covered container. Now, you can easily season your fries with it and have a delicious snack. Or, if you like to be an entrepreneur, you can make more of this DIY stuff and go to your local restaurants to convince them they can make a product just as delicious from a local source. Good luck and enjoy your meals!

source: skinnytaste.com

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