Homemade Raffaello Snowmen Recipe


Winter is a season which gives you plenty of opportunities to be creative, either in decorating, cooking, or gifting. The internet is abundant with Christmas recipes, tutorials and suggestions to keep you at a competitive level with your friends or neighbors. Through all of the plenty of ideas, we suggest a simple and charming trick to do out of some ordinary product you might already have in the kitchen. The Homemade Raffaello Snowmen involve the use of coconut sweets as the base for charming miniature snowmen; not to mention their delicious attribute. The tasty treats are so easy to make, even kids could contribute. But let’s leave it a surprise for now. With some toothpicks and a few ingredients, like raisins, M&M’s, chocolate and others, you can successfully transform 3 pieces of Raffaello into a smiling cute piece of Christmas dessert. Read through the entire tutorial, make sure you have all the materials on the list and enjoy making these as much as you will eating them!


Homemade Raffaello Snowmen – Ingredients & directions by Roxy’s Kitchen

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