Horizontal Shower: Expands The Showering Experience With High-Technology


If you want something unique and extravagant in your bathroom and of course have plenty of space for it, we recommend you a horizontal shower. It will offer you the ultimate experience of a SPA, being able to take a shower and completely relax at the same time. This shower combines 6 water bars and below there  is a recycling space where all the water goes. The shower uses high-technology as you can program the way it sprinkles the water, you will be able to choose from a vast variety of programs. Besides these, this shower also makes it possible to control the temperature, quantity and intensity of water.
You can choose between program settings such as: balancing, energizing and de-stressing. So how cool must this shower be, right?

Dornbracht presents an expansion of the groundbreaking shower technology Ambiance Tuning Technique through addition of a new application: the Horizontal Shower. With the Horizontal Shower, for the first time, showering can be enjoyed lying down only with the Ambiance Tuning Technique.



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