Horse Trailer Converted into Gypsy Wagon Style Tiny House

Tiny houses never cease to amaze as the possibilities are endless, you just need to let your creativity flow. They can be bland looking from the outside, but most of them hide a unique and exciting interior. This is not the case of this gipsy wagon, though, as it already captures the viewer thanks to its unique outlook.

The house is in Naples, Florida and was made of 6 horse trailers, that were converted to resemble a gipsy wagon. Its listing price starts at $26,000, was finished in 2017 and can be taken out on the road thanks to its wheels. Its interior is equipped with a huge king-sized bed, a dresser with plenty of storage space, a living area with a small office space and lots of bohemian décor that recreates the vibe of an authentic gipsy trailer.
The house is also equipped with a kitchen and a bathroom, so it can be the perfect home away from home for the entire summer.

Source: Tiny Home Builders

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  • Ged Maybury on said:

    Just a heads-up: (and I had to go read up on it myself right now) The word “Gypsy” is pejorative.

    The Romani race has had a horrible journey through Europe for many centuries, and still stuggles in many countries against the racism all around them – suffering all the ills (high infant mortality, poor housing, maginalization, exploitation etc (and even worse!)) that any despised minority experiences.

    “Gypsies” is the English word for them, and no surprises it was meant most abrasively. also no surprises the the nasty word survived in the language of the ‘victors’ survived until now.

    Yes, I know, it’s a drag: trying to keep up with these changes. But they are important, for the Romani and for all others to know of their history and suffering, so that it might finally be healed.

    Here’s a concise quick-read-through with follow-on links if you are curious/want more.

    I’m a writer. I’ve just put out a 6-book series were the idea of “sky gypsies” is well developed and oft referenced. I’m really fortunate that I never did use the ‘G-word’! Even so, I’m going to shift gears from now on.

    Re the fab wagon depicted here – well a long time ago I hung out with a huge and diverse band of men and women who traveled New Zealand in mobile homes. I too built a house-truck, but eschewed the traditional classic look – which on a road vehicle was placing a crazy amount of weight as high as was possilbe! Okay at horse-speed, but at 50 miles per hour … shudder!

    But it was the look everyone copied – the ‘gypsy wagon’ look. The romance of it all.

    As a journal/feature writer (as I was for a while, a few decades ago), I could easily have used the G-word here too. Auto-pilot writing.
    Can I suggest it has a ‘eclectic-retro-hippie’ style, or something similar?

    Let us stop romanticizing these people and their troubles. Eh?

  • CoffeeYum on said:

    I think you need to recheck your claim on the number of trailers used to create this masterpiece. It seems to me that the builders used a 6-horse trailer (singular) that carries 6 horses, not six horse trailers.

  • Jessica on said:

    Um… did you mean it was made from a 6 horse trailer instead of 6 horse trailers? Because that’s just 1, 6 horse trailer. There’d be no reason to chop up 6 trailers to make that.

  • Adam Jones on said:

    It’s not a derogatory people in eastern Europe still call themselves gypsies you are ignorant for placing the term racist onto someone who you don’t know

    • István on said:

      First Wold Romani Congress in 1971 declared Gypsy to be a pejorative, Romani or Roma is proper. We Roma are the only ones who reclaim Gypsy, it’s not for non-Roma people to use. I don’t believe people in the case of this article are using it to cause harm, but it is ignorant. Simply put this is the result of lack of education about Romani people.

  • Mary Lou on said:

    @Adam Jones- you are right. I come from Romanian descent and we have always referred to ourselves as gypsy or traveller. Never was it derogatory, it is a proud fact of our past, if some of these commenters would do the research they would understand.

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