Hot Tent Snow Camping In Old Growth Forest

On this adventure I went hot tent snow camping in old growth forest. I’ve always wanted to hot tent camp here in the snow. Many of the trees are hundreds of years old and hundreds of feet tall. The forest gives off an eerie vibe but it is absolutely stunning to see. It snowed almost non stop the entire trip and temperatures stayed around 23 F (-5 C). I cooked up some delicious cheese steak sandwiches on the wood stove for dinner and had scrambled eggs for breakfast. I hope you enjoy the beautiful forest in this video!

You can find more information about the hot tent, wood stove, and other gear used in this video by clicking the links below.

►Bestargot Titanium Insulated Pot: HERE

►Thermarest Ultralite Cot: HERE

►Tent Wood Stove with Pipe: HERE

Tent with Wood Stove: HERE

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