NOT A HOTEL Explores Mobile Living Inside These Revamped Airstream Trailers by DDAA

NOT A HOTEL’s exploration of mobile living within revamped Airstream trailers, spearheaded by DDAA architect Daisuke Motogi, brings forth a unique concept called ANYWHERE. Departing from traditional mobile housing projects, Motogi opted for a more enriching and flexible adventure by converting vintage Airstream and Spartan camping trailers into five charming rentable vehicles, each serving a distinct purpose. The architect’s approach involved scattering different programs across the trailers, offering guests the ability to choose according to their needs. The project, aptly named NOT A HOTEL ANYWHERE, embraces a nomadic lifestyle, lacking a fixed location and encouraging an appreciation for diverse sceneries and landscapes.

The five vehicles, two from Spartan and three from Airstream, undergo bold refurbishments to transform into discreetly luxurious hideouts. The trailers are equipped with specific functions, such as a bath, kitchen, ‘snack bar,’ two private bedrooms, and a study, complemented by a spacious outdoor living area adaptable to various environments. Motogi’s design prioritizes a 360-degree view from the windows, preserving the vintage trailer aesthetic with minimal external modifications. Addressing challenges like accommodating different occupant numbers and the potential for going off-grid, the units, currently stationed at a base camp in Aoshima, Miyazaki Prefecture, maintain off-grid compatibility, and future plans include renting units in various combinations.

To preserve the vintage trailer’s texture, Motogi concentrated essential functions in the lower section, avoiding interference with windows and keeping functional volumes below waist level. Exterior modifications were minimized, primarily focusing on waterproofing. Notably, a sunakku, a hostess bar deeply rooted in Japan’s night culture, was added at the client’s insistence. The sunakku’s design includes velvet upholstered high stools, a karaoke monitor, and high-end materials, contributing to an authentic atmosphere within the mobile living space.

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