How To Build A Brick Barbecue For Your Backyard


It’s never too late to start making plans for this summer, especially if they include some constructing and decorating. Today, we focus on your backyard and how to create the greatest brick barbecue for your outdoor space. Building a brick barbecue is very easy and convenient, as it doesn’t cost a fortune and the pieces can be replaced easily. Also the grill rack can be removed anytime in just a few seconds and cleaned thoroughly. The shape and size of the barbecue depends on you and your space, so you can build it according to your needs. The materials you are going to need are: concrete mix for the base, barbecue grill set, bricks, metal brick ties, portable cement and mending plate (zinc coated). The set of tools that you will need to implement the project can be found on the link below together with the instructions.




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