How To Build A Cheap Houseboat


For the lovers of water and travels, here comes the perfect vacation home that will help you feel close to the things you love. It is a house-boat and the term is exactly what it refers to: a boat turned into a house. The boat has a motor, but you can also row when the weather is fine and you feel like doing a little exercise. Imagine how great it would be to travel to places that can’t be reached on foot or with other public transports, than a boat. And the amazing part is that you don’t have to bother with finding a hotel or setting up a tent, as you can enjoy a good night’s sleep and relax in your very own house-boat. The boat is well equipped and can offer you complete comfort, just like a cabin or a tiny house, as it comes with a bedroom, living space and a small kitchen. If you are not the adventurous type, but still would like to have a unique vacation home, you can buy a house-boat and invite your friends over for a small party. More details  in the video below…


6 Responses to “How To Build A Cheap Houseboat”

  1. Johnny says:

    How about a link to the bloody templates/instructions!?!?

  2. Dawndi says:

    How ’bout you watch the whole video. Info is there.

  3. Myrna Goff says:

    You obviously did not watch the whole video, because at the end it gives all sorts of information on WHERE to get the plans.

  4. Jack Sweeney says:

    I had an Ark built by a guy in Santa Barbara. I sold it 4 yrs ago before moving to Seattle area ( Issaquah ) it was permanent docked at a duck club on the Montezuma Slough ( river) just off the Sacramento River in the Delta opposite Pittsburg, Ca

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