How to Build a Chicken Tractor


Having a small propriety shouldn’t be an impediment for raising chickens. The thing which should help you achieve the best results is a chicken tractor. Even though it sounds like an intricate machinery, the device is actually a mobile chicken coop. The solution works best with limited yard space, because it keeps your chickens in place without the complications of a permanent structure. Cleaning the area is also easy because of the movable parts. What makes this different from other tractors? It has a simple design and it’s made out of inexpensive and lightweight materials, so you can use it easily in your yard.

Step one, build the base.


Chicken wire is too flimsy to hang over the arches, so we used welded wire instead. The welded wire we have access to is 4 feet wide. Chicken-Tractor-2

Using more zip ties, we stretched an 8 x 10, medium weight tarp over the back half of the pen, covered wagon style. It gives the birds a place to retreat in the monsoon like rain and unforgiving heat we have here. It works great. Chicken-Tractor-3

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