How To Build a Floating Duck House


If you have free space in your garden and a small pond, you should consider building a cute duck house. Duck houses are fun and easy to build, so why not change a bit the look of your garden by giving it an upgrade. The most important aspect is choosing your material for the duck house. Whoever has already worked with wood for the outside knows that it can get damaged quickly if one does not pay attention to the right choice of wood or take protective measures. In particular, wood in the water doesn’t sound like a long-lasting thing. The duck house from the pictures was built out of larch, which will preserve well in the water (high resin content in the core layer). Learn more about the steps of building this cute little house…

1.Wood selection – larch wood is a good choice, because is preserved well in the water (high resin content in the core layer )



2. Building a Duck House: Instructions & plan




details here…


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