How to Build a “Hoop House” Glides Open and Closed


If you’re fond of growing vegetables in your own yard, you will be searching for ways to keep them safe from pests and bad weather. In the same time, vegetables need sun and fresh air. But how can you combine the both? Introducing the vegetable garden hoop house that glides open closed. With a bit of ingenuity you could also manage to make such a feature for your garden. A plastic cover and a few PVC pipes will be needed in this built. Take a free weekend you would otherwise spend lounging under the sun and start building this DIY solution. Follow the instructions provided and make sure your crops are well protected in the future and the resulting vegetables are perfect for consumption. Share your work with us when you’re done. It helps the DIY community to learn from each other.



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22 Responses to “How to Build a “Hoop House” Glides Open and Closed”

  1. Kat Storseth says:

    This is such a good idea aim going to bold this for next years crops thank you so much for sharing

  2. April says:

    Joe, it looks like theywant you to buy the book to get the plans 🙁

  3. Marge says:

    I’d be curious to know how it withstands windy conditions. My raised bed is located on the northwest side of my rental unit. Windy days take a toll on the plants.

  4. Jennie Nolan says:

    I can’t find instructions on here either, I would like to build one.

  5. Mark says:

    They want you to buy the book. However it looks pretty easy. Looks like two pieces of 3/4″ pvc fire the rails, probably with caps on the ends to keep the hoops from sliding off. Probably shimmed up on the ends so that things slide freely back and forth and then screwed down. Each hoop is two 1″ tees with the middle opening adapted down to 1/2″. Fire the hoop itself use the ticket walled pipe cause the thinner stuff will kink when you try to bend it. The plastic is attached with self tapping screws with a washer to hold it right. They make screws for metal roofing that would be perfect for this.

    I would probably build the whole thing lying flat, attach one side, then bow the whole contraption and attach the other side.

    • Kim says:

      If you did some work ahead of time, you could stitch/glue pockets/loops to the plastic and make it removable, so that in the summer, you could replace it with netting.

  6. macs says:

    I wonder how it stands up to insects? There seems to be a large gap at the bottom which would allow insects to enter.

  7. liz says:

    I have a bed with the pvc pipes but they are each attached on both sides every 18″ or so and do not move.. I cover with netting and take it off when weeding etc…my question if anyone can answer… my garden is about 2 ft. from an electical box (where the hydo lines all connect to the grid)… son refuses to eat anything grown in that bed as he says harmful rays ? are given off…there is a constant hum…..any thoughts?

    • Nicole Freedomheart says:

      There are energetic precautions you can take, but I tend to understand/agree with your son. However, those “harmful rays” and other energetic pollutants are everywhere always. It could even be an angry/sad person tending to crops. When you are putting your love energy into growing your food, that in itself is helpful. You can do a reiki ceremony, or other energy healing work over your garden harvest to assist, as well. Everything is energy. Take the fear energy out… put the love energy in <3
      Just some personal input 🙂

  8. Newt says:

    How DEER*Squirrel Proof is this or what are recommendations for??

  9. Debra Bolton says:

    Please include a Pinterest option

  10. Mimi jones says:

    They want you to buy the book!

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