How to Build a Log Bed – Tutorial


If anyone could have the bed of their dreams, the world would be a much better place; simply because we will have the sleep we always wished for! This rarely happens and the industrial scale made beds don’t actually fit our needs very often. A DIY solution is making the particular bed we want to sleep in. The rustic themed bed featured on this website is handmade from logs. The beautiful aspect it has comes from the original design it was built in. Simple and yet of a certain complexity in style, the rustic log bed can bring the forest and outdoor ambiance inside your home with ease.


The strong frame will offer you security. Not to mention that the logs will make the atmosphere warmer as opposed to the industry-made beds. For further instructions on how exactly you too could make one these pieces of lovely rustic furniture, please watch the video. Discover that it isn’t that hard to make one for your own home. Good luck!






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  1. Phineas J Whoopee says:

    That’s not a tutorial, it’s just a commercial

  2. Wylee thedog says:

    Yup, another misleading link, what’s become acceptable online marketing.

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