How to Build a Log Cabin

Building your own log cabin is not an easy task, especially if you’re new to these kind of projects. So a thorough research is more than welcome before starting your log cabin project and luckily, there is plenty of useful information in the online space. You can stumble upon lots of success stories as well as epic fails, but both will prove to be helpful for your future plans. Before starting to work on your own log cabin, you should set your priorities straight: you want an eco-friendly home or a more traditional one? You would like to use the log cabin on a daily basis or only for vacations? If you plan to build an energy-efficient home, you should plan your power source alternatives in time and think about cheap and ingenious solutions to heat and cool the home when needed. The next link contains a set of useful tips and tricks about building your own log home, so make sure to read the entire article.


How to Build a Log Cabin (…from Scratch and by Hand) … more details here…

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