How to Build a Pallet Daybed


Having a day bed in your garden is so relaxing and fun. You can spend hours there reading or simply enjoying the warmth of the sun and still feel as cozy as you can. If you want to make your own day bed, you can do this by assembling some recycled pallets and other materials that you might already have at home. At the end, you can place the entire bed on caster wheels and easily move it from one place to the other, according to the weather. The materials you are going to need for this project are: 2 Pallets, 4×4 Timber, Bolts and Nuts, Heavy-duty, Wheel Casters, Skirt Boards, Cedar Boards etc. The entire list of supplies can be found on the following link. When done, just throw some comfy and colorful pillows on the bed and you’re new chill-out place will be ready.



We started with two pallets that we got for free.  They were attached on the inside stringers with three bolts.






more details here… (step by step instructions)

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