How to Build a Pergola: The Skilsaw Pergola


Who doesn’t want a stunning garden in which to relax and enjoy spending time with friends and loved ones? Improving your garden design might become quite simple once you get to know everything about how to make a Skilsaw Pergola. With this beautiful piece of outdoor furniture, you don’t only add a touch of style but also attractiveness, both visually and effectively as the pergola can provide with much needed shade in those sunny mornings or afternoons. The project you see showcased here used green treated timber, a total of 17 planks, to save up on costs. The circular saw or skilsaw is the main tool but you will have to use a lot of other stuff; go through the list of required materials, which include Wood chisel, line level & line, post level and hole digger. At the end of the work if you want to provide additional shade, you can stick pieces of canvas through the beams. Follow the instructions and after a few steps of cutting and fitting, the Pergola can cast a new beautiful feel onto the garden design.






The Skilsaw Pergola – Materials & Instructions

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  1. Asya says:

    Thank you for showcasing this, I have found everything that I need with this tutorial, huge thank you, as soon as the snow melts I`ll start my own pergola design project.

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