How To Build A Raised Garden Bed In A Tank


A huge garden is a luxury not everyone can afford and in case you live in a house, but your outdoor space is limited, a smaller garden can be a real savior. A tank garden is one option as it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and you can grow your own herbs and vegetable. In addition to this, a tank garden is very easy to build and a small investment, so you don’t have to spend all your savings to make this cool type of garden. The secret to achieving a similar beautiful result as the one in the video is to go about this project like you are making a compost bin. You start from the bottom up, with branches, rough mulch, continue with grass clippings and newspaper or cardboard, while finishing the layering with compost and straw mulch. Remember that the last layer of mulch is soaked in molasses and kelp in order to get the soil filled with nutrients. Watch the video provided to learn how to build and grow your plants in a tank garden properly.



Rosina Buckman explains how to build a raised garden bed in a tank

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