How to Build A Solar Stock Tank



Perhaps too many people think that maintaining a farm during the winter months is pretty hard and quite expensive. Truth is that with a clever device – like the solar heated stock tank – you can easily get over the issue of frozen water supply for your animals. Besides the fact this particular tank can save you a few dollars daily in terms of electricity. Due to its design, it has an opening suitable for animals – such as horses – to drink and also perfect for retaining plenty of heat. The tank is not intricate to build if you know some woodwork. As materials go, you will require three sheets of 3/4-inch exterior plywood and six 8-foot 2-by-4 studs, a can of polyurethane foam insulation, a 40 square feet 1/2-inch rigid insulation board, some glazing closure strips, a couple of sheets of polycarbonate glazing, glue, caulk, screws, and black & mis-mixed paint. Follow the instructions from the website provided and begin building your very own DIY solar heated stock tank today!


 Build A Solar Heated Stock Tank – Mother Earth News

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