How to build a Wishing Well Burn Barrel from an old washing machine drum


Decorative fire pits can be a nice addition to your garden, but they are not very accessible price-wise. If there is one thing you’ve learned from this website, is that anything can be made at home if you have the supplies and the right tutorial. So of course there is a tutorial out there that will teach you how to build a wishing well burn barrel at home. All you need to do is reuse an old washing machine drum. A burn barrel is really easy to build and it will be ready in short time. Visit the following link for the list of supplies and step by step instructions. Once you are ready, you will have a beautiful and intimate fire pit for your backyard to keep you cozy and warm on chilly autumn nights.


Step 1: Obtain a washing machine drum


Step 2: The Roof



Step 3: The Bucket Crank


Step 4: The Bucket


Step 5: Side Supports


Step 6: On site assembly and enjoying the fruits of your labor



Check out the full instructions in the link below…

Wishing Well Burn Barrel by CrazyClever

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  1. Althaf Rahman says:

    I was looking for a cool decoration in my garden. I have a non-using washing machine in my garage and this one is a really great idea!


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