How To Build a Wood Fired Earth Oven


The backyard of your home can be used for lots of entertaining activities. You can play with your kids there, create a small garden, chat with friends and cook delicious meals. To help you get closer to this last bit, namely the delicious meals, you should follow the steps from this next tutorial and build yourself an earth oven. It will be a wood fired earth oven, that will take you back to ancient and simple times and your food will still taste delicious. This type of oven is relatively easy and cheap to build, especially if you have such a useful tutorial as this one below. Once you followed the steps from the project and your oven will be ready, you can cook almost anything in it, from pizza to pies and even use it to dry fruits. So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the tutorial and build your own oven in less than 3 hours.



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    So amazing :in the past my grandmother had one l know it and I can made one

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