How to Build an Octagonal Deck


Not that many people realize the important assistance a structure like a deck can be in offering relaxation and entertainment opportunities. Space for hosting events, parties and almost any time of outdoor happening, a deck will prove the helping hand you wouldn’t have expected. It doesn’t have to occupy much room in your yard, but at the same time it’s large enough for a small gathering of your friends or for you to lounge on careless under a warm sun light. The deck you see in the images is stretched on 12 feet of grass and made from wood. If the result is to your liking, learn more from the next tutorial on how to make a DIY octagonal deck. Make sure you have all of the materials featured in the list, grab a hammer, hand circular saw, shovel, wheelbarrow, chalk, string line, post hole auger and cordless drill and you can begin building your soon-to-be favorite place of your residence: the deck.


How to Build an Octagonal Deck by cobourgdave

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  1. Mark says:

    This is a horrible article about how to build a deck. It only tells you about the deck and shows you a couple pictures. Your page is so filled with ads, maybe I missed the article. I will not be returning… Bad Home Design…

    • k.m says:

      Correction, the link to the Instructables page is here. Between 2 ads and not easily seen as a link. What we have is a quick summary and comment instead of a well thought out piece crediting the author and directing the reader to the instructions.

    • Ben Hartland says:

      Read what? Where are these 24 steps listed? This is a convoluted way to display information.

  2. Kim says:

    I don’t see the instructions either because of the ads. All I see is a description of it. Is there a pdf file you can send?

  3. Tony says:

    After closing all the adds and reading comments I realized there was an additional link on the page with the actual instructions. . You might try making your links a little more noticeable. .

  4. files says:

    I think is kind of complicate, the page need to be more organized I complete understand ya need the ads but ya need to be more clear about article ya showing !

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