How To Build Garden Grow Boxes


Have you thought about using containers as planters and make your own garden? Then you should gather some information about this method before staring, to make sure it is suitable for you. Garden grow boxes are containers in which you can plant anything you would like to grow in your garden. There are lots of materials you can use to make the container, but the most easy to work with is wood. Building your own grow box is not that hard, but keep in mind that it needs to have 3 parts: an interior bucket, a cover and an attached trellis. Using pallet wood for this project is a convenient choice, as anyone can have access to this supply and it also costs less than other types of wood. For the steps of this DIY project (OldWorldGardenFarms) and additional information about garden grow boxes, please visit the link below…




Garden-Grow-Boxes-2  (OldWorldGardenFarms)

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  1. Feliza Untayao says:

    Thank you so much publishing this helpful & really amazing ideas…

  2. M says:

    Why put a pot in the box? If you line it with a piece of plastic you can fill the whole box with soil and increase the growing medium.

  3. Sharon Poff says:

    I have been doing this for many years. Some containers I have used are the large round solid wall laundry tubs for tomato plants (be sure to drill some holes in the bottom for drainage.
    Any container that will hold soil, even coolers that spring leaks, just remove the lid and leave the drain spigot open.
    Enjoy your container growing even on small balconies. Grow your cucumbers up a lattice against the wall with other plants in front of them.

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