How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven





Read the instructions carefully, start building the structure and enjoy the pizza made in your own pizza oven!



Build your own pizza oven – Materials & Instructions (TheGardener)


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11 Responses to “How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven”

  1. shaun meyrick says:

    We want to build our own at 2 gazelle road mandeni 4490

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder how long those bricks will hold up. You should probably use firebrick.

  3. Wes says:

    You can cook more than just pizza in a brick oven. Ribs, chicken, vegetables, all sorts of things and they come out with that same brick oven cooked goodness! Mmm.

  4. Yahyah says:

    Thanks for the idea, never thought of cooking anything else in a pizza oven… Happy 2016

  5. says:

    Thanks Mike- that was the 1st thing I also thought of. Although clay bricks are good- they can also only take so much.

  6. Rick jones says:

    Where do I get blueprints for this pizza oven?

  7. RIck says:

    Its insufficient info…where do I get the full plans for this because Im not exactly the greatest at building things…but I do love this…very cool! Goodshomedesign? Where may I get the plans?

  8. ARMM says:

    We can supply you with refractory brick, castables, mortars and insulation to build a pizza oven

  9. Jacques says:

    Where you from?

  10. budidewanto says:

    Good idea thansk

  11. Brian says:

    I’m based near sofala and am keen to build an oven. Can you help? Am willing to pay fir your expertise. Mobile is 0490189668

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