How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven


Eating pizza is not an unhealthy habit, and definitely not an obscene one like many would like to suggest. The benefits and hazards of eating pizza depends a lot on what ingredients has the pizza you’re going to consume for lunch or dinner. But besides all of this debate, there is the simple pleasure of making your own pizza and eating it with your family and friends. For this result to be the best, a pizza oven will definitely prove quite useful. Building your own pizza oven might seem like a great challenge at first, but when you see how a DIY project like this is completed, you will be eager to try it in your own yard. In similarity with bread-making ovens, this type of construction is designed and built with materials that are resistant to fire.





10 Responses to “How to Build Your Own Pizza Oven”

  1. shaun meyrick says:

    We want to build our own at 2 gazelle road mandeni 4490

  2. Mike says:

    I wonder how long those bricks will hold up. You should probably use firebrick.

  3. Wes says:

    You can cook more than just pizza in a brick oven. Ribs, chicken, vegetables, all sorts of things and they come out with that same brick oven cooked goodness! Mmm.

  4. Yahyah says:

    Thanks for the idea, never thought of cooking anything else in a pizza oven… Happy 2016

  5. says:

    Thanks Mike- that was the 1st thing I also thought of. Although clay bricks are good- they can also only take so much.

  6. Rick jones says:

    Where do I get blueprints for this pizza oven?

  7. RIck says:

    Its insufficient info…where do I get the full plans for this because Im not exactly the greatest at building things…but I do love this…very cool! Goodshomedesign? Where may I get the plans?

  8. ARMM says:

    We can supply you with refractory brick, castables, mortars and insulation to build a pizza oven

  9. Jacques says:

    Where you from?

  10. budidewanto says:

    Good idea thansk

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