How to Build Your Own Smoke Pit


Smoked meat is delicious, but preparing it is not that easy. You need lots of preparations before a BBQ and even more if you don’t have your own grill. But the Internet is such a wonderful place, full of hidden treasure and it will teach you how to make your own smoke pit at home. You will need only some basic materials and a small free area in your yard to create the pit. You will probably find most of the supplies needed for this project in your home or basement, as you will need: a shovel, a large metal item to use as a lid, bricks, drainage rocks and a grill. Assembling the pit is not that big of a deal, especially if you follow the instructions. In the end you will have your own smoke pit in your backyard, so you can invite all your friends over for a large BBQ session.

You’ll need:

1) A shovel
2) Something large to use as a lid (I used an old, cheap, rusted metal fire brazier) Pick something metal or maybe thick wood. Do NOT use a plastic garbage can lid.
3) Bricks – you can use some broken ones but you’ll need a few clean straight ones for the top
4) drainage rocks
5) something to use as a grill-surface. In this project is used a grill from an old rusted-though barbecue.







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